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Helena Bliss

BSc (Hons) Criminology student


Helena Bliss

I chose to study Criminology at the University of Suffolk and it is the best decision I made! The University is a welcoming and safe environment and the size to me is perfect - it is large enough to have a wide range of different students from different backgrounds studying different subjects whilst still a size where your lecturer can recognise you and have a chat with you in the café.

Criminology is a subject I had gained a passion for in high school and that passion increased as I studied it more. Studying BSc (Hons) Criminology means there will always be something new to learn. My favourite part of the course is the wide range of topics you learn about and the lecturers that present these. The knowledge of the lecturers is admirable and their knowledge is presented in a such a way that makes students really pay attention!

I've learnt so many new things whilst at the University of Suffolk and met so many great people, and I am certain this will continue for my third year!