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Hannah Davies

Bioscience Graduate


Hannah Davies

Hi! I’m Hannah and I have just finished the final year of my Bioscience degree. Although the past four years have seemed long at times (ahem…dissertation stress), they have flown over. I still remember spending hours searching UCAS for my dream course in science.

From picking my options at GCSE, I always had a strong interest in science and took part in science summer schools every year. However, it was only with my high school science teachers that I was inspired to follow it as a career option.

After hours of searching and being undecided on what I wanted to do, I finally settled on the idea of studying biomedical science. At my college, the entire UCAS process was really supported even though I did leave my personal statement until last minute. Quick hint- don’t do that!

So I had a course I wanted to study and the next thing was deciding on where to go. I had always wanted to move away for university to get the whole student experience, so the idea of leaving home didn’t seem that daunting at the time.

Once I had my choices I sent off the application and soon the offers came rolling in. After being offered all 5 of my choices on a conditional basis I chose Queens University Belfast as my firm choice. Now I had my firm set in place and I was coming to the end of my A-levels, it was nearly over and I couldn’t believe it! 

Then results day came and I thought it was the worst day of my life, I hadn’t got into QUB.

I still remember the tears and the meltdown that came with the ‘you haven’t got into university, what are you going to do’ thoughts. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more disappointed in myself as I’d never experienced failure like this before. After a couple of hours and actually receiving my results, reality struck and I knew that I’d have to go through clearing.

Initially, I had no idea about clearing or the entire process that came with it. Luckily enough we had a room set up in my college with laptops and all the contact details for universities so we could see if there was a course that suited me.

After having a brief moment of wanting to do a Spanish degree, all of a sudden, I found a bioscience course here at the University of Suffolk, that had all of the same modules that I was looking forward to at QUB. All of sudden it didn’t seem like that big of a deal that I didn’t get my firm choice, I was still going to university, I was still able to study what I love and the process was so easy!

After 10 minutes on the phone and exchanging my A-Level results, I was offered a place and advised to start booking student accommodation. I’d done it, I was going to university!  

If you end up going through clearing, just remember that it is not the end of the world and there are still so many opportunities out there for you.

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