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The prospect of going back to higher education as a mother to three young children was rather daunting. It made me feel scared and worried whether I would be able to keep up with the pressures surrounding academic studies. Even though I was already a graduate it had been easier before, because of not having much responsibility.  

However, with the support from my personal tutor, Angie Cobbold, she always said to me "you have got this". Every time I felt like giving up I used to say that to myself over and over until I feel less anxious.  I would also like to say my family and friends were also supportive.  During the course I met good friends who helped me build my confidence and realised that we all faced similar challenges. Therefore it was easier to cope with other challenges because we would try and find a solution amongst ourselves, so we ketp abreast with challenges in placement, academically and in our personal lives.  In placement I had good and supportive mentors who helped develop as a person and helped me to focus and be more enthusiastic about my future. They made me look forward to completing my course and achieving my goal to be qualified and become a Registered Operating Department Practitioner. 

My mother inspired me; she has been working in social care for the past 20 years.  Upon receiving my award certificate, I cannot explain how I felt. I still feel this feeling and it makes me so proud of myself, my tutor, my children my friends, mother, sister and everyone close to me - they could not be happier for me. I owe it to my lovely sister who gave me the courage to come and enrol here. Studying at the University of Suffolk, I realise what I had dreamt of and had worked towards had finally become a reality.   

I feel very proud to have now joined a great team in the NHS at a Children’s Hospital and I look forward to great achievement in the future. I say when you have a goal, put your mind into it. Follow your dream - the world is your oyster! 

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