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Gill Lowe

Visiting Fellow

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Gill Lowe


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Professional Assistant to the Head of Department of Arts and Humanities
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English Staff
English at Suffolk


Gill Lowe has been involved in the development and delivery of the English (Hons) BA course since 1991. She was Course Leader for several years and is now affiliated as Visting Fellow. She specialises in auto/biography, late nineteenth and early twentieth century literature.  Whilst studying at UEA for her MA in Life-writing Gill wrote about Virginia Woolf's mother; her work was published by Cecil Woolf as Versions of Julia. Gill became interested in the manuscript of the juvenilia, written between 1891-1895, by Vanessa (later Bell), Thoby and Virginia Stephen (later Woolf). Gill published the first edition of the Hyde Park Gate News, the Stephen Family Newspaper with Hesperus Press. This project led to a variety of related international journal articles and conference papers.

Gill has post-graduate qualifications in Education and in Drama-in-Education. She has taught English and Drama in high schools and Humanities to adults returning to Higher Education. She has developed partnerships with voluntary groups and arts organisations in the local community.

She has worked with international scholars to write and edit a collection of critical and theoretical essays about Woolf: Virginia Woolf: Twenty-First-Century Approaches, is published by Edinburgh University Press. Her current publishing project also relates to the study of Virginia Woolf's works. 

Publications and conference papers

Lowe, G. (2020) 'Penning and Pinning: Vita, Virginia and Orlando' in Battershill, C. and Wilson, N. (eds) Virginia Woolf and the World of Books, selected papers from the 27th International Virginia Woolf Conference. Clemson University Press.

Lowe, G. (2017) ‘The malicious gene: an evolutionary games strategy? Woolf's hawkish inheritance’ in De Gay, J., Breckin, T. and Reus, A. (eds.) Virginia Woolf and Heritage, selected papers from the 26th International Virginia Woolf Conference. Clemson University Press/ Liverpool University Press.

Lowe, G. (2016) ‘”The Squeak of a Hinge”: Hinging and Swinging in Woolf and Mansfield’ in Vandivere, J. and Hicks, M. (eds.) Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries, selected papers from the 25th International Virginia Woolf Conference, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Clemson University Digital Press, pp. 150-156.

Dubino, J., Lowe, G., Neverow, V. and Simpson. K. (eds.) (2015) Virginia Woolf: Twenty-First-Century Approaches. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. This book has since been published in paperback and as an e-book.

Lowe, G. (2015) ‘I am fast locked up”, Janus and Miss Jan: Virginia Woolf’s 1897 Journal as Threshold Text’ in Dubino, J., Lowe, G., Neverow, V. and Simpson. K. (eds.) Virginia Woolf: Twenty-First-Century Approaches. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. pp. 17-33.

Lowe, G. (2012) ‘“Wild swimming”, The Rupert Brooke Society Journal (Winter 2011-12) pp. 34-47. (Slightly amended version of the 2010 piece detailed below).

Lowe, G. (2011) ‘“Observe, observe perpetually’, Montaigne, Virginia Woolf and the “patron au dedans”’ in Ryan, D. and Bolaki, S. (eds.) Contradictory Woolf, selected papers from the 21st International Virginia Woolf Conference, Glasgow University. Clemson University Digital Press, pp. 215-221.

Lowe, G. (2010) ‘“Wild swimming”, Rupert Brooke and Virginia Woolf’ in Czarnecki, K. and Rohman, C. (eds.) Virginia Woolf and the Natural World, selected papers from the 20th International Virginia Woolf Conference, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky. Clemson University Digital Press, pp. 108-115.

Lowe, G. (September 2007) ‘J.K. Stephen and Prince Eddy’. Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain Bulletin 26 pp. 50-59.

Lowe, G. (2006) ‘Hyde Park Gate News’ in Southworth, H. and Sparks. E. K.(eds.) Woolf and the Art of Exploration, selected papers from the 15th International Virginia Woolf Conference, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. Clemson University Digital Press, pp. 38-43.

Lowe, G. (Fall 2005/ Spring 2006) ‘A History of Hyde Park Gate News’. Virginia Woolf Miscellany 68 p. 15.

Lowe, G. (ed.) (2005) Hyde Park Gate News, the Stephen Family Newspaper, the childhood journals of Virginia, Vanessa and Thoby Stephen. London: Hesperus Classics. The French translation and English paperback editions of this book were first published in 2006.

Lowe, G. (2005) Versions of Julia, Five Biographical Constructions of Julia Jackson/ Duckworth/ Stephen. London: Cecil Woolf Bloomsbury Heritage Series. 


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