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Fiona Borrett  

BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing, Class of 2020

Fiona Borrett

Fiona Borrett  

I graduated from BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing. I attended the Mark Your Achievement event with my daughter, auntie and niece. It was a double celebration as I was also celebrating my 40th Birthday!

Before completing the degree I was working in management and marketing. Now I am a mental health nurse at Woodlands at Ipswich Hospital.  

It is a tough course and it does take determination. The things we learnt as part of theory opens up your mind when you are presented with a situation - you have that capacity of being able to analyse in a critical way. By collaborating different theories and models and you tend to look at the situation in a holistic way. I have enjoyed being at University so much. Having my daughter and niece here today is important; it’s part of their motivation to see me here in my gown. No matter how difficult an assignment might be, getting there at the end, this is the reward you get. It's all yours; no one can take it away from you and it’s an achievement for life.