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Emily Anderton


Emily A

Emily Anderton

I'm Emily and I'm studying on the MSc Applications of Psychology course.

I train in weightlifting at a gym just outside of town called Orwell Fitness, at their weightlifting club. I first joined the gym 3 years ago to try CrossFit after years of being inactive. I quickly found that I enjoyed the weightlifting aspect the most, so started to focus on that. I took part in my first weightlifting competition last year and have done several since. I won a bronze medal at the Virtual English Championships 2021 in the Under 23 division, placed fourth at the Virtual British Championships 2021 and competed at the British Age Group Championships where I placed 7th. This year I qualified for the British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) Weightlifting Championships 2022 and was the first person to represent University of Suffolk in weightlifting at this event.

I think it's important to be fit and active because of the benefits it has for both mental and physical health. I didn't exercise at all for several years, but since becoming active I have so much more energy in my daily life. I also mentally feel much better. I've always be affected by anxiety and since starting weightlifting I have so much more confidence and resilience. I really believe it's especially important for women to feel included in sport, especially in weightlifting which is stereotypically considered to be a male-dominated sport. When I first started going to the gym, I wasn't active at all and found the idea of getting started very daunting, so I want to show others that you can always make a start and get active.