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Ellie Carr

Student Finance Adviser

Student Services


Ellie Carr

T: 01473 338833

Ellie Carr is the Lead Student Finance Adviser at University of Suffolk.  

Ellie graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in 1998 with a Diploma In Higher Education with Registered Nurse In Mental Health qualification. 

Ellie went on to complete a post- qualifiying Diploma in Psychosocial Practice at the Universty of Essex and gained a distinction in this qualification. 

After a successful career in the N.H.S. Ellie transferred to working as a Student Advisor within the Student Services team bringing with her a wealth of experience of working professionally with Individuals and groups. 

Since joining the Student Services team Ellie has developed profesionally to become a knowledgable Finance, Information, Advice and Guidance, IAG practitioner.

Ellie had gained H.E. level credits in the Money for Life "Teach Me -Teach Others" course.  Ellie runs financial capability workshops on Campus so that students of any age can enhance their finacial capability skills whilst studying at the University of Suffolk.  Ellie also runs the Ipswich Campus Annual National Student Money Week, NSMW for staff and students to think about Financial capabilty skills in creactive and interactive ways. 

Ellie has also undertaken additional training with the Ipswich Borough Council Financial Inclusion and Advice Serivce, FIAS on benefits and benefit issues for students. 

Ellie has developed good professional networks within the local Ipswich area with local IAG services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, CAB and the Ipswich Housing Advice Group, IHAG. This facilitates good working relationships and easier access to local services for students at the University of Suffolk. 

Ellie works closely with the Multi-faith Chaplaincy and Student Union to develop addtional overarching welfare services for University of Suffolk students. 

Offers drop in sessions and 1;1 appointments on student finance issues.