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Elisabete Silva

Early Childhood Studies student

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Elisabete Silva

I chose to go to university for a better life and a better chance to find a job in an area that I love, without qualifications I probably wouldn’t even get that change and would be stuck in a job I didn’t like. I also decided to go to university to set a good example to my children and hopefully they will all follow my steps and go to this University!

I chose to go to the University of Suffolk because I visited the University first before I made my mind up and I loved the feeling and the atmosphere you can feel around the campus. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and I felt welcomed. The University of Suffolk is situated in a beautiful area of the town and that is a bonus, and so close to home.

It was easy to apply, it was a very straightforward process. The application was a bit stressful for me, because I’m a mature student and did study abroad so I had to make sure I had all the qualifications to meet my conditional offer made by the University.

I didn’t feel any difference in the treatment between me and my young peers, everyone was so nice to me and I felt as if I were at home, everyone knows my name and they were like a little family.

I was amazed with the amount of support given by the University, probably without this support it would have been impossible to be successful in my studies. It's by far the best choice I made for my life and future, and I have loved every minute about it. I met amazing people and the University helped me build up my confidence and grow as a person.

I adapted well because I love to read and university life for me was a dream come true. In my first lecture, I did feel a bit lost and scared and questioned if I could do it. But a week later I was feeling more secure and even more secure week after week.

The University has amazing academic support, helping students with writing essays and build their confidence in different academic areas. Without all this support the University life would be harder for me, so I’m grateful for this support that made my life much easier and helped gain the skills I lost during my life, being way from school and studying for many years.

I love everything about my course. Early Childhood Studies is an area that I’m really passionate about in every level, as a mother of four children it is an area that is really interesting for me, as a person but also as a professional.

During this course I learned a lot more than I was dreaming, it made me see the world and children with different eyes. I fell in love with sociology, psychology, social policy and many other subjects that I had only had a vague idea of. This course also gave me the opportunity to engage in talks and debates about topics that I never had a chance to debate and talk before, and meet people with similar interest.

I would recommend studying as a mature student, because as a mature student I felt more confident and able to handle the stress that academic life could sometimes bring. My maturity helped me make better choices and engage in a course that I love instead of just a course.

I definitely would recommend any mature student to engage in a course, because knowledge doesn’t choose age and sometimes the age and the maturity is a bonus. It’s never too late to follow our dreams. 

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