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Dr Yusuf Adams

Lecturer in Architecture

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Dr Yusuf Adams

School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology


Dr Yusuf Adams is an artist, designer and academic, working in both architectural practice and education, an Alumni of Cardiff University and the Welsh School of Architecture, and the only Jameel Scholar to hold a PhD in the Philosophy of Architecture. Yusuf’s doctoral thesis bridges the specialisms of architectural history, phenomenology and metaphysics, while incorporating the early design process of a live building complex project in the UK, as a foil or way to investigate the ethical function of architecture; a question that transcends and includes the architectural attributes of formal beauty, utility and structure/ systems.

Yusuf is a fine art graduate of The Norwich School of Art, and has exhibited and made public sculptural works in the UK and abroad, with the multi-disciplined arts collective the Imaginary Beings (Named after Jorges Louis Borge’s mythical bestiary), who prioritise the coming together of dance performance, music, sculpture, painting, photography and spoken word as event and celebration; the antithesis of the white box gallery.

Research Interests

Main methodologies: Phenomenological Hermeneutics and Integral Theory. Ongoing research interests include whole systems thinking, creative writing as a key element of an iterative and dialogical design process, multiculturalism, the importance of place, and the ethical function of architecture.

Yusuf is currently involved in a grassroots community design consultation process and mixed use development in the UK, furthering the research of his doctoral thesis, with the intent to publish on completion of the built project.

A longer term material research interest with pioneering engineers concerns the application of an eco cladding system that could potentially prevent future Grenfell tragedies. The project challenges the over a century old construction systems and building culture that is the standard for UK construction.

In design studio and teaching, Yusuf is concerned with cultivating a hermeneutic and phenomenological approach to design, to understand ourselves as bodies and beings dwelling on/ with the earth and its ecosystem, and to interpret and understand good architecture as being both cultural artefact and efficient building.

Selected Sculptural and Landscape Architecture Works

The Green Man, Birmingham. Forty foot mixed medium sculpture with vertical irrigation system and planting.

Sculptural Fountain, Hampstead. Poured white concrete circular and semicircular intervention cutting into garden hillside.


While Rome Burns, Queen's Elm Gallery, Chelsea, London, 2009

Publications & Conference Papers

The Adab (Ethos) of Urban Design, Globalia Magazine, 2011

The Regeneration of European Cities: the Role of the Mosque (given title), Gathering of the European Muslim Union, Vienna, 2011