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Dr Shaun Hammond

Lecturer in Psychology

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Dr Shaun Hammond

T: 01473 338558

Dr Shaun Hammond is a lecturer in psychology and has over twenty years experience in teaching undergraduate psychology programmes. He currently lectures on the psychology and counselling programmes at University of Suffolk. His teaching areas include Social and Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Counselling Theory. In addition he is a dissertation supervisor and personal tutor. In the past, he has taught research methods and organised dissertation programmes at University of Suffolk. During his teaching career, Shaun has had an important contributing role in developing new programmes of study and in advancing the teaching of undergraduate psychology in Suffolk.

Teaching/Research Interests

Shaun has a key interest in developmental psychology, with a particular focus on identity theory and transitional theory. Shaun presented his paper Young Dads Don't Want to be Deadbeat at the 2013 British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Harrogate, which detailed how males in East Anglia who have become parents at a young age want to distance themselves from negative stereotypes. This paper examined how internal and external processes influenced young men's adult development and perceived well-being; it synthesized theory and empirical evidence from the fields of life span psychology and developmentalism. Shaun had submitted a proposal to present a paper at the 2014 British Psychological Society Conference in Birmingham exploring the experience of young fathers who are distanced from family life.

Shaun is presently engaged with preparing papers which explore how young men who become fathers at a young age perceive and experience the transition to fatherhood.  In addition, he is involved in a number of projects which seek to explore our understanding of attachment theory and later adult transitions. Furthermore, he has ethical approval for projects investigating fathering through sports/leisure.