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Dr Peter Cochrane OBE

Visiting Professor of Digital Economy and Strategic Innovation Management

Dr Peter Cochrane

Dr Peter Cochrane OBE

As a seasoned professional with over 40 years of hands on management, technology and operational experience, Peter has been involved in management and transformation of giant corporations, establishing new companies, advising governments and the creation and deployment of new technologies, products and management systems.

At BT (British Telecom) he progressed from linesman and technician to engineer, Head of R&D and then CTO with an investment budget oversight of £5.5bn. His 1000 strong R&D team engaged in the study and design of optical fibre, fixed and mobile nets, complex systems, human interfaces, Wearables, eCommerce, eLogistics, Artificial Life and Intelligence.

Peter has also been employed in the defence, logistics, travel, retail, energy, healthcare, transport, pharma, and consulting sectors. As an entrepreneur he has also engaged in numerous investment funds and start up ventures.  He currently holds a Visiting Chair in Complex Systems at The University of Hertfordshire and devotes 10% of his time to the education and training of young people at universities, colleges and schools across the UK. 

He was appointed the UK’s first Prof for the Public Understanding of Science & Technology in 1988 at Bristol University. A graduate of Nottingham Trent and Essex Universities,

Peter has received notable recognition with the Queen's Award for Innovation & Export in 1990, numerous Honorary Doctorates, and was awarded an OBE in 1999 for contributions to international communications.  Peter is now the CEO and Chairman of Cochrane Associates, UK.  He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering , an MSc in Telecommunications, a PhD in High Speed Digital Transmission and a DSc in Complex Systems.