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Dr Liza Morton

Visiting Senior Fellow in Congenital Heart Defects

Liza Morton

Dr Liza Morton

Liza is a Chartered (BPS) and Registered (HCPC) Counselling Psychologist.  She works in Private Practice and leads the Professional Practice Module on Strathclyde University's Clinical Health Psychology MSc.

Liza's research interests include the psychological impact of living with a heart condition from birth.  Her experience in this area bridges academia, lifelong personal expereince and engagement with keystakeholders and policy makers.  Currently she is interested in the clinical implications of Poly Vagal Theory on congenital heart disease.  Further she is involved in a variety of projects including co-creating the Photography Exhibition, Scarred FOR Life and as voluntary Scottish Campaign Manager for The Somerville Foundation, the UK's leading charity for adults born with a heart condition.  She works to improve care for this population sitting on the Scottish Congenital Cardiac Advisory Board (NHS Scotland).  Liza is currently involved in a collaboration with the University of Suffolk's Congenital Cardiac Research Centre's Dr Manos Georgiadis, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology on a project exploring rehabilitation for this population.

Liza gained her PhD in visual perception/cognition at Glasgow University in 2003.  Following which she qualified as Clinical Associate of Applied Psychology (CAAP) on the Stirling/Dundee University Course in 2006 and she was employed by NHS Fife's Psychology Department for over 10 years as CAAP.  During this time Liza provided psychological therapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy to adults presenting in Primary Care with a variety of mental health difficulties.  Liza also contributed to various service developments including a Self Esteem Group for Women and a Cultural Prescribing Initiative.  Latterly, she completed the British Psychological Society's Qualification in Counselling Psychology via their independant route, qualifying as a Counselling Psycholgist in 2015.


Selected Publications

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