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Dr Liana Psarologaki

Senior Lecturer

Dr Liana Psarologaki

T: 01473 338810

Dr Liana Psarologaki is a trained architect, visual artist and academic. She holds PhD in the Creative Arts from the University of Brighton (2015) that was sponsored by the University for the Creative Arts. The research was an interdisciplinary, practice-based project, entitled: “Beyond the Physical Threshold: Enfolding the Ontology of Immersive Experience” and attempted to theorise an artistic practice that is ontologically architecturalised. She graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the prestigious National Technical University of Athens in 2007 and practiced architecture before receiving an MA in Fine Art with a distinction –specialising in Installations– at UCA Canterbury in 2010.

She is registered with ARB as an architect in practice and a member of MAKE: a research cluster that examines physical and digital model making. Her interdisciplinary work draws from architecture and fine art to create spaces of immersion that are sometimes actual and sometimes virtual. She attempts to redefine spaces by making interventions on their architectural order and establishing affective atmospheres. Her work has been presented and published internationally. Her research contributes into the current criticism on aesthetics of contemporary art practice, and art and design pedagogy. She recently received the Graduate Scholar Award for her participation in the 10th Arts in Society Conference at Imperial College London 2015 and hosted a site-specific solo installation at the Venetian Fortifications in Heraklion Crete by the Municipality of Heraklion in 2016.

Dr Psarologaki coordinated the Interior Design course and taught on the MA Design at the University of Northampton before joining University of Suffolk (UCS) in December 2014. Since then she is a senior lecturer at the Department of Arts and Humanities at Ipswich and the course director of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design. She leads the Design Studio 2, Design Studio 3, Critical Perspectives, and Debates on Contemporary Practice modules of the BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design, overlooking delivery and updating curriculum. She also leads the Independent Arts Practice unit of the MA Fine Art program.


Poststructuralism, phenomenology, spatial ideology, contemporary installation art, immersive space, perception, neuroaesthetics


Liana can speak about the following:

Contemporary art, architecture, philosophy, pedagogy, technology

Please contact the Press team by emailing or telephone 01473 338476 or 07595 091046 (out of hours).

Selected publications

L. Psarologaki (2016) “Transforming fortresses into artworks: two cultural sites become spaces of topological immersion”, in Defense Sites III: Heritage and Future WIT Transactions on The Built Environment, Vol 158. pp. 117-126

L. Psarologaki (2016) “A Theory on the Ontology of Site-Reliant Immersive Environments”, in The International Journal of Arts Theory and History 11 (3) April 2016 pp.1-10

L. Psarologaki (2014) “Conjunctive Synthesis As An Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Method For Art And Design - A Cube”, in The International Journal of Arts and Sciences 7 (3) December 2014. pp. 613-624

L. Psarologaki (2014) “Towards Genomenology: The Lived Experience as an Input – Output Spatiotemporal Event”, in New Spatial Approaches, New Techniques and Theory in Contemporary Arts, Istanbul: DAKAM. pp. 152-162