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Dr Diana ben-Aaron


Dr. Diana ben-Aaron holds a PhD in English linguistics from the University of Helsinki and an MS in journalism from Columbia University. She reported financial and technology news from Helsinki, Finland from 2007 to 2012 as a foreign correspondent for the Bloomberg News wire service. She has taught discourse analysis, linguistics and translation as a lecturer at the University of Tampere and at the University of Helsinki, and was a Fulbright graduate grantee at the latter. She got her start in journalism by writing for Technology Review while studying engineering and science writing as an undergraduate at MIT. Her research interests include the evolution of news genres, news interviewing, immigrant and minority community news, the management of attention, and the discourse of entrepreneurship.

Modules taught

Academic Writing

Critical Language Studies

Digital Textuality

Professional Writing Practice

Dissertation in English

Selected publications and conference papers:

  • ben-Aaron, D. (2014) 'New media as text colonies.' British Association for Applied Linguistics. September. University of Warwick.

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