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Donna Morrison

BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology student

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Donna Morrison

My decision to study Bsc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology at University of Suffolk was a no brainer for me.

Having previously studied Event Management and getting into that area of work for a number of years, I grew out of enjoying my work and finding myself wanting a new challenge. The bold and fresh new University of Suffolk stood out to me when I decided to come back to higher education. I knew this time I would follow my aspiration to learn about people and their behaviours.

All areas of this course is set out with the appropriate consideration for all students, it allows us to have the basis to build a career in our chosen fields. I am thankful for the information provided by the university, as I am gaining first-hand work experience with offenders in the local area. Meaning while I am still studying I can put policies into practice.

University of Suffolk has great lecturers and that is one of the reasons I enjoy my time attending all the seminar and lectures. It is nice to be recognized by your name than a student number.  University of Suffolk gave me a chance and not just to further my education, but also to live my future now.

I have been quizzed on my choice of attending this university, as the location is an odd one for a Scottish girl. I decided to move to Ipswich for a brighter future for myself, as half my future was already here. My fiancé of seven years moved here due to his commitment to the Armed Forces. I chose this University as it gave me the opportunity to study a course that I wanted to do for a long time and be closer to him.