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We are often told follow our passions to get a great job or to earn lots of money. However, life can be more than that; we should focus more on what we can do for other people. I came to understand that following my passion is not enough for a happy life, it’s actually by helping others that I feel the most fulfilled.

I volunteer a lot; Turkey and Nepal were my favourite places. I volunteered in teaching and in equine physiotherapy for people with disabilities. There are so many issues in this world, especially the lack of early childhood education and poor education systems, both of which are influential for a healthy society. Getting good at something that genuinely helps others became my main goal.

This inspired me to study for my degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Studies. Moving to a new country to study was challenging in some ways. I have travelled a little, so it was easy to settle here, even if English is my second language. Sometimes it is a struggle but it is a good challenge.

Nepal was definitely my favourite place to visit; the mountains were amazing. I grew up in the countryside with lots of mountains and as a kid, I always loved being outdoors.

Refugee camps are growing; everyone says that the people are going back but there are still war zones and refugees. These people don’t have the same opportunities for a better life, a decent life. I’m talking about simple things such as learning to read and write and having independence and freedom, knowing they are important and having self-worth.

Everyone needs money, but you don’t have to make your life all about it. The main goal should be helping others; what you get back from that is something money can’t buy, something that you cannot save in a bank.

As Nepal taught me, learning to love mystery instead of fearing it allows me to be strong in my vulnerability. It has taken a lot of practice and determination to jump into uncertainty. My advice is to always try to help someone; there is nothing more rewarding.

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