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Daniel Michette

Apprentice - Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineering)


Daniel Michette

Daniel Michette is a first-year apprentice on the Software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship. He has recently rotated to work within a new team as part of his role at BT. Daniel feels that this has encouraged him to be a more proactive employee and has supported him in developing an array of new and positive working relationships with his colleagues. These factors combined have contributed to his work being a very enjoyable experience, which is evident by the fact that he aims to continue his career at BT and also aspires to further his development in academia in the future.

Although Daniel feels that there are some downsides from not being able to complete his learning in the classroom, he believes that the University has been able to quickly adapt to online teaching and that the online 1-1 support has been exactly what he has needed to assist in his development. He has not had any issues accessing required resources, as this is well supported via the Library ‘Summon’ website. Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, Daniels experience as an apprentice has completely met his expectations.

When asked if he would recommend a degree apprenticeship, Daniel stated that he ‘couldn’t recommend it more’. If the interested party has a passion for their sector and specialism, then it is a great opportunity to meet friends at work and University whilst also achieving a degree, obtaining vital work experience and earning money. ‘It’s the best of both worlds!’