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Daniel Lassey

BA (Hons) Social Work student


Daniel Lassey

I am currently in my third year studying BA (Hons) Social Work and I am glad I chose to study at the University of Suffolk. Despite applying for various universities, no other university gave the same impression as Suffolk did. Taking the plunge to get back into studying after working for so long had understandably made me nervous. However, these nerves were quickly put at ease from the positive experiences I had applying, at the interview and when I started.

Studying Social Work had always been an agenda of mine but after finishing college I did not feel ready. I went on to work in various care settings that enabled me to gain the knowledge and life experiences necessary for me to be confident that I was ready to make the transition. Through the degree, not only have I improved academically but my whole way of thinking has changed and what I have learnt has been invaluable.    

The variety of ways you are challenged along with the learning opportunities given is what I have enjoyed most from the University. At the University, there is always a willingness to better the way the course is presented the and regular feedback is encouraged emphasising the student’s voice. As a result, changes have been made involving the students who are currently studying the course to improve the future student’s experience.

I would highly recommend the University of Suffolk to anyone seeking a degree in Social Work. Learning opportunities such as placements, allow you a safe environment to experience the workplace and creates further chances to develop yourself towards becoming a competent social worker.

In addition, the lecturers all bring their own wealth of knowledge that they have attained through their own Social Work careers and this is extremely beneficial for a student learning what they can before embarking in their own career.