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Daniel Beadle

BA (Hons) Social Work

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Daniel Beadle

I chose University of Suffolk as a place to study mainly because of the facilities on offer. I had seen the campus being built and I liked the design.

I attended an open day and was very impressed with the university facilities. The Waterfront Building itself is state-of-the-art and I liked the way there is emphasis on limiting its impact on the environment. Also, meeting some of the Social Work lecturers on the open day and again during interview inspired me immensely. They really showed me that Social Work is a worthwhile career choice, despite the bad press the profession gets. Other universities in the area did not sell Social Work as a profession in as an effective manner.

I chose Social Work mainly because of my previous experience in social care settings. Many of my colleagues stated that I would do well and I felt that it was time in my career that I became a professional. I now feel I am ready to take more responsibility in positively affecting people s lives.

I enjoy the more psychological side to the course in the Human Growth and Lifespan Development module. I also very much enjoy the Preparation for Practice and its emphasis on teamwork as opposed to lecturer input in dealing with case studies.

We have some really inspiring lecturers on the Social Work degree who are willing to share a lot about their own personal and professional experiences. That has taught me more than most lectures about theory, although there s definitely a place for that too. There are also many individuals in the student cohort who I can see have a natural talent for the job.

I like the university for its drive in improving the student experience and in its relaxed atmosphere. University of Suffolk may be a new university, but there's much to be gained from it's position in relation to the bigger universities. I also love the location right on the beautiful waterfront which is being rejuvenated.

I was previously living in London, despite being an Essex/Suffolk boy for the vast majority of my life. I disliked living in London immensely and was keen to come back to where I laid my roots. Studying in Suffolk proved to me the perfect excuse to return home and come back to the place where my friends and family are situated.

Before studying here, I completed an Access course at Colchester Institute which prepared me more than adequately for life in higher education. Prior to academia, I was working in supported housing for those enduring serious and long-term mental health issues. I had been working in this sphere for about seven years, although previously I have also worked with individuals with learning disabilities and also asylum seekers and refugees.

This university is an upcoming, state-of-the-art university, beginning to find its feet in the national higher educational setting. It works in partnership with other, local universities and its affiliations with its competitors ensure that a degree earned here will be well worth the toil.