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Dana Bobolicu

BSc (Hons) Criminology and Sociology student


Dana Bobolicu

When the time came for me to apply to universities I decided to look into studying in the United Kingdom. The application process was fairly simple mainly because I enlisted the help of a Romania-based organisation which helps people that are willing to study in the UK by providing them with information and support. University of Suffolk was one of the five universities which made me a conditional offer. The main reason why I choose it was that my advisor recommended it as being the best choice out of the five based on the facilities and on what I was looking to learn from doing a BSc (Hons) Criminology and Sociology course.

As I am currently in my third and final year I can say that overall, the experience of studying at this university was really enjoyable. I feel that studying social sciences has expanded my horizons and way of thinking. I have learned to see things from a different perspective and developed a critical thinking about what I see and interact with. The way the course and modules are structured helped towards achieving this and provided me with useful research and analytical skills in order to understand the world I live in.

The staff and tutors are great and they were always willing to provide me with support and guidance about anything. Through the University’s website and digital learning platform, I have the possibility to access everything ranging from materials relating to my course to information and tools for careers and employability, finance and wellbeing.

I am very proud that I have studied at this university. Even if when I came here I experienced a bit of culture shock I quickly accommodated to living in the UK and the University proved to be a great and friendly medium where I met lots of helpful people. The fact that there are a lot of Romanian students here was also a huge factor in this as I met lots of great people with whom I can feel like this place was something very close to home.

After I complete my course I hope to pursue a career in the field focusing on social scientific approaches to technology and culture or maybe one in international development.