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Dr Damien Cassan

Course Leader in MSc Crime and Community Safety and Senior Lecturer

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Dr Damien Cassan


T:  01473 338023

Damien Cassan is a senior lecturer in police studies at the University of Suffolk. He is course leader for the Msc Crime and community safety and is involved with the short course in Evidence Based Policing which is delivered to Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies and will be soon extended to other Police services.

His engagement with learning in the UK started about twenty years ago with a one year Erasmus stay at the University of Central England (UCE) –now called Birmingham City University, during his Sociology BA. He then returned to the UK  for the fieldwork of his MA research on Police initial training in France and England (at Ryton-on-Dunsmore college of policing and West Midlands Police Tally Ho Training Centre), before completing his compulsory national service within the French national police (Police Nationale).

Damien completed his PhD in sociology (European Doctorate) in 2005 from the University of Lille (France). His PhD was an international comparison of police socialization and police apprenticeship  in France and England, which involved significant ethnographic fieldwork within several English police forces (Bedfordshire Police Kent Police, and Thames Valley Police) and different departments of the French national police (Police Nationale). During his PhD, he was awarded a one year Marie Curie doctoral fellowship at the department of Law of the University of Sheffield (UK), where he worked with Joanna Shapland and Simon Holdaway. He then further developed his research skills and experience through several post-doctoral scholarships abroad, notably at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg (Germany), the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City (USA), and at the School of Criminology of Montreal University (Quebec, Canada).

Back to France, he was involved in a large European research on organizational change within police organizations (Composite –Comparative police Studies in the EU, involving ten European countries, and sponsored by the European Union –FP7). Just before joining the University of Suffolk, he has worked at INHESJ (National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice, Paris, France) on a research project on Police prevention workshops in schools. This developed the French research data with fieldwork in Germany, Portugal, and Hungary).

In recent years, Damien Cassan has enlarged his research interests with projects on peer support workers in mental health sponsored by the French World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health (WHOCC Lille, France), as well as a two year project on ageing, neuro degenerative diseases and the loss of autonomy sponsored by the department of the north of France (Département du Nord).

Parallel to research, Damien Cassan has gained extensive experience in HE teaching in social sciences (research design &methods, sociology of work, political sociology, general sociology, criminology, policing) notably at the university of Lille (France), La Sorbonne university in Paris, IESEG School of Management (Lille and Paris), the school of criminology at the university of Montreal (course in socio-criminology) and at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City (course of Police problems).

Selected publications

Cassan, D. (2016) La coopération Ecole / Police. Une enquête exploratoire en Allemagne, hongrie et Portugal, rapport ANR -IPOGEES (Police programs on crime and violence prevention implemented in schools), INHESJ, Paris, France. (to be published)

Cassan, D. (2016) Déterminants sociaux, parcours de vie et de soin en situation de perte d’autonomie, sous la direction de Catherine Déchamp-Le Roux, CLERSE / Lille university, rapport pour le Département du Nord, Lille, France, 30p.

Cassan, D. (2016) Les controverses suscitées par le programme de Médiateurs de Santé Pairs –MSP, in Roelandt, J-L (eds), L'expérimentation des médiateurs de santé-pairs en France : une révolution intranquille, Collection Polémiques, Paris, France.

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Cassan, D. (2011) Une ethnographie de l’intégration professionnelle du gardien de la paix et du police constable, Déviance et Société, vol. 35, n.3, pp. 361-383.

Cassan, D. (2010) Police socialisation in France and in England: How do they stand towards the community policing model ?, Journal of Police Studies (Cahiers Politiestudies), issue 16 “Policing in Europe” (CPS 2010-3, nr. 16), pp. 243-259. (also in Volume 0 –launching- of the European Journal of Policing Studies, EJPS)

Gallant, N., Brunelle, A.M., Cassan, D. (2010) Transmission intergénérationnelle de la culture policière, rapport d’étape 2, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique du Québec (INRS), pour l’École Nationale de Police du Québec (ENPQ), Nicolet, Quebec, Canada, 43p.

Cassan, D. (2004) La police nationale et la réforme de la police de proximité : D’une réforme politique à une résistance professionnelle » (The national police and the community policing reform: From a political reform to a professional resistance), in Deroche, L., Jeannot, G. L’action publique au travail, Collection Le travail en débats, Editions Octarès, pp.73-78.

Cassan, D. (2001) Le recrutement ethnique policier : Une vieille préoccupation anglaise (“Police ethnic minority recruitment: An old English concern”), Les Cahiers de la sécurité intérieure, n°45 « Le temps des minorités », pp. 139-159.