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Daisy Adams

BSc (Hons) Computing Student


Daisy Adams

BSc (Hons) Computing (Web and Mobile) Student

After finishing my studies at sixth form, I was unsure with what my next steps were to be. I took a gap year to ensure my next choices were beneficial and during this time, I developed a keen interest in web design and development. I had previous knowledge of studying computing at BTEC and GCSE.

For me, the choice of going to university was a difficult one. I spent quite a bit of time considering different universities and courses. During this search, I came across the BSc (Hons) Computing degree at the University of Suffolk. The university was one of the rare few that offered a specific web and mobile development pathway. For me, this was perfect, so I enrolled on the course and haven’t looked back since!

I balance both living from home and studying, so it suits my other commitments. The best thing about the degree is no matter how little you know about computing, all the fundamental topics are covered, and the staff are so supportive that no issue is ever too big!

Alongside the degree, the university offers many opportunities to meet with future employers, with the invitation to Suffolk Tech Industry Days. The topics covered by the lecturers are easily applied to the outside world. I am less than one year into my studies at the University of Suffolk, and I have already been offered a web-related job at a local company. This job accommodates my days at university and is something I would not have achieved if it was not for the in-depth activities in my lessons and the supportive academic staff.

If you are interested in computing and are undecided about whether the University of Suffolk and studying at higher education is right for you, don’t second guess it. Go for it - I would not change a thing!