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Christopher Cobb

Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography

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Christopher Cobb

T: 01473 338441

I qualified as a radiographer in 1984. Taking on a senior role within imaging departments allowed me to develop management skills, becoming clinical lecturer in Radiography at the East Anglian School of Radiography and then a full time teacher in the school from 1990.

As a senior lecturer I was involved in curriculum development and was course leader for the undergraduate programme for two years.

I have developed an interest in radiation safety and teach this to heath care professionals who use ionising radiations in their work, especially dentists and dental nurses. I regularly have the opportunity to present original research and discussion material on dental imaging and radiation safety to regional dental meetings.

In 2013 I became the manager of the Norwich Radiology Academy NRA. The NRA is one of three academies set up to train radiology registrars in a university style educational system. While there I helped to implement a new curriculum and promoted the use of simulation techniques in to the programme.

I recently returned as a lecturer at the University of Suffolk where I am responsible for the delivery of a number of modules on undergraduate courses including radiography and the CPD provision.