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Faces of Suffolk



I came here from Indonesia to study Psychology and Early Childhood Studies. It really interests me, especially the education side of it. I’ve seen a lot of poverty where I come from and I feel like if we could help people with things like education, it would be really good for them. I want to be a child psychologist – that’s my ambition.

I would say it’s more relaxed here in terms of the number of people but in terms of culture, life is much more fast paced in the UK than in my country. People walk so fast here! I’m from a big city so at first Ipswich felt small, but now I’m used to it and making friends here helped me settle in.

I’ve kind of forgotten what it was like to be new here. I think I’ve been here too long! Ipswich is like my second home, which I know it a bit cheesy. Before I came here to study, I had never travelled alone so it was pretty scary getting on a 17 hour flight on my own – I think my family were worried I would never arrive in the UK!

I’ve recently started a multicultural society because I feel like it would be good for new students to feel they have friends here and people to support them, especially if they are coming from another country. I remember my first month here – I didn’t know anyone who had come from my country. I knew nobody, so it was scary at first but I made a lot of friends in my first semester.

My advice to others would be, don’t be afraid to explore something new. Just go for it!

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