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Celia Anderson

2011 Honorary Fellow

Celia Anderson Honorary Graduate

Celia Anderson

Celia Anderson was born in Cyprus and spent a number of years overseas before going to school in Edinburgh. Following graduation in BSc Human and Neuro-anatomy at Aberdeen University, her working life started with a diverse range of sales posts before moving into agriculture. Studying continued with MSc Animal Nutrition and more recently an MBA.

She had 21 years in government, returning to Aberdeen in 1999. Her previous roles included working between national governments and the oil and gas industry on skills, running a live multi-agency exercise testing oil spill contingency planning legislation, and marketing manager and trainer.

Three years ago Celia was seconded from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to lead a pilot programme in the East of England, known as Skills for Energy. It is widely held as an exemplar and unique collaborative partnership between public, private, academic and education addressing the energy industry s skills issues. It provides routes into the industry for people of all skill levels and upskills the existing workforce.

Celia recently moved to Norwich and now works directly for EEEGR leading and delivering Skills for Energy.