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Hi, my name is Cami and I proudly say that I am one of University of Suffolk’s graduates. My home country is Romania, being born in a city called Focsani. How I choose Ipswich and its university dates back to high school when I wanted to challenge my knowledge and try to be the best version of myself. Although I had the passion and the grades, I was still worried about how I will embrace the culture and everything that would come with studying overseas. My choices were quite varied around the country, however University of Suffolk replied first and offered me a place and a bursary, so I decided that I would go to the place which wanted me the most, and after all these years I strongly think that I made the right choice.

During my university journey I came across a variety of people, all with different views and values and I thank them for being who they truly were as they helped me realise that I should focus on my ideas and my dreams and not abandon them.  Alongside my course, Events and Tourism Management, I have been involved in many extracurricular activities, such as Student Ambassador, The Mentor Scheme, I volunteered for the library, I was a co-editor and joined societies (film and sport society), all these giving me the chance to meet people and develop my interpersonal skills.

After three years of living in Ipswich and attending the University I understood that it is not only about the results, to have good grades and get a good job, it is also about the process, about how I remember my university years, the social aspect having a high importance in my personal development. Therefore I have so many memories that the University of Suffolk handed to me since the day of my arrival and if I were to chose which one is most precious to me it would be when my friend and I made cupcakes and because we wanted to get an ingredient from a local shop we forgot to get the keys, so we had to run to reception and explain the situation, as we were locked out. It was childish and even now I laugh when I think of it, but it makes me realise that though, these kind of events are what I want to remember about my experience.

Nowadays, I feel successful, I finished with a First Class degree, created good last longing friendships, and learned not only about my academic subject, but also about life. I am grateful to my family and friends from both back home and the ones I created in UK for being there for me at any time either day or night, but I am grateful to me as well, that I took a chance, a flight without knowing where I will stand after three years. Nonetheless I am grateful to the University of Suffolk people, teachers and academic support for everything they have done, for their smile, their encouragements and their positivity. I have achieved my dream of being the best version of myself, for the time being, and that gives me a reason to smile.

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