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Bal Kaur Howard

Motivational Speaker/Campaigner

Bal Kaur Howard

Bal Kaur Howard

To mark the installation of our first Chancellor, Dr Helen Pankhurst, we are promoting some of our county's inspiring women.

Bal Kaur Howard was a project officer for Suffolk Constabulary for nearly eight years. She used her expertise about honour based violence in forming policies, procedures and training for police officers and partner agencies.

She continues to deliver training to those working health, social care, police, education and the voluntary sector across the country and is an advocate for the issues of BME, domestic violence, honour-based crimes and sexual exploitation.

Bal was nominated twice for the IKWRO True Honour Awards and won the Judges Special Award in the inaugural BME Suffolk Business Awards in 2016. 

Helen Taylor, Women’s Officer for the University of Suffolk’s Students’ Union said, “Bal is someone I admire hugely. She uses her own experiences to educate others; and she hopes those people will use the knowledge she passes on to improve the lives of people affected by honour based violence, forced marriage, FGM and radicalisation. What really impresses me about Bal is her courage. She openly talks about her struggles with drug addiction, and proudly says overcoming that is her greatest achievement. She works at a recovery centre to not only remind herself why she worked hard to recover, but to help others kick addiction too. With everything she has experienced in her life, to survive it all and want to help everyone, inspires me to act too.”