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Anne-Marie Dias, MBA 

Suffolk MBA Graduate-consultant

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Anne-Marie Dias, MBA 

Anne-Marie Dias graduated with an MBA from the University of Suffolk in 2016.  She also holds a Bachelor degree in Administration (obtained in Brazil) and French Technical Baccalaureate (obtained in Gabon).  She served as PA to the Mayor of Libreville for 2 years where she was responsible for his Office before being appointed as an account manager at the Ministry of Higher Education (Students Services Department - CROUS) at the University Omar Bongo branch in Gabon.  As part of that appointment, she restructured the organisation’s financial services, designed and implemented new working processes as well as influencing and contributing actively to the launch of a more equitable bonuses scheme.

Anne-Marie has just started a portfolio career as a Business Consultant.  She has been working with small businesses, managing development projects from planning to establishment; building bridges between SMEs and Capital Investors; enabling B2B partnerships; Creating links between UK SMEs and Africa.

She is a member of the Consultant Hub and In Touch Network.  Anne-Marie is also an active supporter of both Oxfam and Red Cross charities.