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Andrew Bolt

Fds Software Engineering, Class of 2019

Andcrew Bolt 1

Andrew Bolt

I am extremely privileged to have completed an apprenticeship. This is something I would not have thought to say before starting, as I was set to study full time at university. However, I also wanted the ability to learn on the job too. Apprenticeships are a platform to show yourself to the world, and to kickstart your career. I was very fortunate to have my tuition covered by my then-employer, and so I took every opportunity available to me (whilst advocating the same for others).

Though I was an apprentice, I was also a student - I’m grateful to the University of Suffolk for welcoming me as one. The lecturers expected the academic rigour from somewhere like Cambridge, which was fantastic. I hope I lived up to that. Moreover, as a student, I got involved in student life: I helped start the Music Society, I cooked for International Food Night and I even met Scott Mills at the annual ball.

I think that being an apprentice has set me up for life: I have made so many friends and connections that I still connect with. I’m grateful to each of them for making my apprenticeship worthwhile. I may have moved forward to a new employer and a new future, but I will never forget the value I gained from my apprenticeship.