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Alexandra b+w


I am originally from Romania, but ever since I was a little kid I wanted to study abroad and move away. Suffolk was my first choice, but the course that I finished was not. I initially decided to come and study Radiography, but ended up studying Event and Tourism Management, which I know there are completely opposite, but I could not have made a better choice for myself.

After I decided to change my course I felt slightly scared as the course was new to me, I was studying in a different language as well and I moved away from family and friends too. The course overall was like anything in life; challenging, but with the help of some great lectures such as Jay, Sarah and Marietta (to name a few) the uni experience was great and unforgettable.

Some of the best highlights from University of Suffolk are being a Course Rep for my cohort and winning an award for it as well, organising my first event (from so many in these past years), being able to connect and meet different people at uni and outside it and making friends that I can now call family. If I was to summarise my experience at University of Suffolk in just one word it would be ‘opportunity’.

After three years in Suffolk and graduating with a First Class Honours degree I can only say that I left university with the knowledge, skills and confidence that I needed for both life and my career.

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