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"I have always been told that creativity is within everyone and this is something that I have always lived by. I graduated with BA(Hons) in Graphic Design in 2020 with the celebrations taking place in 2021."

Alen started at the university in 2017 and finished his degree in 2020 and went straight into the world of work.  Alen currently works for MSC as a Customs Co-Ordinator whilst also working as a Graphic Designer for Food Maps Britain. During his time at the university, he was very active, getting positively involved in the experience by being the Student Course Representative for his course as well as being one of the two members of the Democratic Procedures Committee for the Student's Union.  "When I look back on my life in the future, I want to be proud of myself that I didn't miss any opportunities. Sometimes in life, you fail but at least I tried, and that is why I take every chance I get". This can be seen by his active engagement in the university programmes where he achieved the following:

  • Design of a book cover for a world-renowned author for one of his upcoming books. 
  • Alen came first in a poster competition and won a 3-month placement at the University of Suffolk.
  • Became a Suffolk Life Mentor to support students who required it at the university. 
  • Received an internship through the university ran program of EIRA internships. 
  • Received offers at multiple companies before graduating. 

Alen has expressed on many occasions that he is so grateful for the careers team and the support he gained whilst being at university. 

"Since I started my education, I have always been working and in 2020 at the peak of the pandemic, I was made redundant. This made my plans very difficult and put me under strain especially with my final semester on the line. I reached out to Annabelle at the careers team and we have been in contact ever since! Whenever something is successful or a change in the situation, Annabelle is the first person I contact to share the news! 

Even though I have graduated and left the university the support from Annabelle, Jenni and Kate have not stopped and this is something I'm truly grateful for, my dream is to have my own creative company and have apps released and I often receive competitions or grants I can apply for to make my dreams a reality. To me, the best part of my university was being able to go to someone and express my dreams and speak to someone about my aspirations and get support and not worry about getting a job after the university life". 

"I am forever grateful for all the help, support and especially for believing in me and my crazy dreams."

Alen is still very active in the creative field and has a lot of plans for the future, you can follow him through social media or through his website. 


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Instagram : a.len_thomas

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