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Aisha Shuamazzi

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

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Aisha Shuamazzi

Discover more about how our students never stand still and create change in their lives.

I chose to study at the University of Suffolk because of how they individualise students. They know that every student is different, and they learn differently, at a different pace, so they really make an effort to personalise your learning. When considering my options, I felt that here I would be looked after both academically and personally. Even during my interview to join the course I felt a sense of belonging.

I was offered the chance to join another University closer to home but after attending an open day and listening to a subject talk I was overwhelmed at the personal level at Suffolk and how they care for the student experience in a holistic way.

Caring is in my genetics and is something I can do with ease, which is why I chose to study Adult Nursing. For me there was no plan B, when I got the opportunity to study the course, I didn't hesitate. I enjoy seeing a change in a person’s health, helping to make a person better, but this can be of course very demanding and there will be disappointments.

Studying Adult Nursing can be a challenge, but my fellow students and lecturers feel like a family to me. I know my lecturers and students by names, there is a lot of encouragement between all of us.

Anatomy and physiology are very interesting to me, so these have been the modules I have enjoyed most so far. To learn about the human body is fascinating, how it is connected from one system to another. From simple things like why we have skin on the outer surface, to the crucial element of the human cell.

On campus, the Clinical Skills lab is where you get to learn about patient care without the pressure of treating a real patient. It has given me the chance to build my confidence, where I can make a mistake without worrying, before going into hospital or community settings.

The best parts of my course are the lecturers and being on placement. The lecturers are, or have been, nurses themselves, and teach students from their own experiences. Feedback from them is very quick too. When I am on placement I get to be hands on and see first-hand what being a nurse is like, getting involved in real life experiences right from the beginning.

The University is smaller, so I don't feel lost and was not overwhelmed when I joined. There are a mix of students from different backgrounds and the diversity means that I don't feel lonely. I really like the fact that there is such great effort from the University to connect with the students, encouraging them to give feedback, to make a change.

There is such a supportive atmosphere here. Students can easily access help with their mental health, general wellbeing and with any financial difficulties. I myself have had first-hand experience of several of the services offered by the University.

If I were to sum up my experience in one word I would say, brilliant.