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Adam Bakhtiar

MSc Business and Management student

Adam Bakhtiar

I chose to study at the University of Suffolk because I would like to have a major change in my life. I believe that a new university like Suffolk has a more practical approach and flexibility on its education method. More experimental, thus keeping me ahead of the game.

I found that the course that I learned at Suffolk gave me a good insight of business and management culture in UK, especially in the finance sector. Finance has always been my weakest point in business study and I am lucky enough end up working as a financial consultant. University of Suffolk certainly helped a lot in aligning my course and my current job.

I think my time studying in Ipswich improved on my personal quality, since I was faced by so many challenges. I learned to be more independent, responsible and focused on my targets. So far I have ticked most of my target’s boxes including marks that I aimed for, jobs that I wanted, even down to my physical traits.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a change in their life and willing to work hard to reach their dreams. It wasn’t easy but persistence and consistency will amount to the results we seek. It is certainly one of the most unique experiences in my life to study in the University of Suffolk and working in the same field as my study.