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Abbie Cairns


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Abbie Cairns

Studying for an MA at the University of Suffolk allowed me to develop my ideas and interests with the support of tutors and peers. Studying for an MA allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, so much so that one of my university projects developed into a successful public programme which is now in its second year.

After graduating from my MA in fine art at the University of Suffolk in 2018 I have continued to be a practicing artist alongside teaching art in adult community learning. 

In 2018, with SPACE Colchester, I founded the Creative Practitioner Support Programme, a peer support network for creatives. This was inspired by my professional development module which I completed during my MA. We are now entering into our third year and in 2020 I started my PhD looking at the dual role of the artist-teacher. Creative Practitioner Support Programme 2020-21 ( 

I have continued to create and show work regularly. Most recently I have been working with We Are The Minories on new branding and signage for their temporary gallery in Colchester town centre. In 2020 I received the Firstsite Collectors Group Bursary which has allowed me to continue to develop my art practice. 

My Art practice continues to explore themes I developed during my MA, such as text and context and shared public language. 

I chose Suffolk as I wanted to study at a university which would offer good contact time with tutors and open studio spaces to work.  My year at Suffolk helped me to develop my art practice and resulted in gaining a network of other artists. Susan, Matt and Jane added great value to my time and helped me develop and grow as an artist. 


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