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Aaron Burrell

Associate Director Digital Learning and Innovation

Directorate of Learning and Teaching


Aaron Burrell

Directorate of Learning and Teaching
Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Twitter: @iaaronburrell

As the Associate Director Digital Learning and Innovation Aaron acts as the strategic lead in the research of, development and implementation of digital learning pedagogies for the University and its partners. Aaron advises the University community on approaches to be taken for the full and effective use of technologies, particularly the Online Learning Environment, which is at the heart of the University’s ed-tech learning and teaching eco system along with a range of other integrated and aligned learning tools and technologies.

Aaron supported the development of the new Block and Blend pedagogy that has been introduced at Suffolk.  Aaron continues to support its growth across the University by facilitating course design events working with academic and professional support service staff, students, employers and service users in understanding design for the new pedagogy through to validation.

Aaron produces frameworks, policies, training and support resources for effective use and monitors impact proactively sharing good examples across the University community. He also researches, procures and implements pan-university learning technologies and platforms to enhance the University’s ed-tech campus. 

Aaron works across Schools and in institutional projects to shape and inform the development of physical and digital learning spaces to promote learning in line with the learning teaching and assessment strategy, and wider University vision.

Aaron has strategic leadership and management of the University’s technician and technical learning instructor provision, learning design team and digital and physical learning spaces. This includes leadership, management and development of a multi-disciplinary team, resource management, and service review, management and enhancement. 

Aaron has strategic overview and managerial responsibility for the team that supports:

  • OLE - Online Learning Environment
  • LMS - Library Management Systems
  • ERM - Electronic Resource Management
  • OPAC - Open Public Access Catalogue
  • OARS - Open Access Repository Suffolk
  • Digitisation and Copyright
  • Video and Audio production
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Reprographics
  • Learning Innovation Hub
  • Course (re)design 
  • Learner Analytics Platform