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University of Suffolk branding unveiled at the Suffolk Show

1 Jun 2016 3:00PM

The University today (Tuesday 1 June 2016) revealed the brand for the University of Suffolk, having received approval to proceed to independent university status.

UCS plans to become the University of Suffolk on 1 August 2016.

Blair Campbell, Head of Marketing and Communications, said "The Suffolk Show provided a brilliant platform to introduce the brand for the University of Suffolk. It's been really well received and gives a firm nod to our past heritage whilst also looking to the future and all the potential it offers. The branding retains the square mark that has formed part of our identity for many years, intersected by a 45 degree angle to bring a sense of momentum and forward motion whilst also highlighting our geographical location. The yellow accent colour echoes the Suffolk coat of arms and Suffolk flag, again emphasizing our position in the east of England. Youll start seeing the new brand in use over coming months and globally from 1 August."

Last month it was announced UCS could become fully independent from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the University of Essex.

The decision also means that the University will receive direct government funding for the first time, enabling it to expand its teaching and give more young people in the region the life changing opportunity of a university education.

UCS was granted Taught Degree Awarding Powers in November 2015, allowing the institution to award its own undergraduate and taught postgraduate degrees. UCS held these powers in reserve until University Title was secured. Future graduates will receive University of Suffolk degrees.

Founded in 2007 UCS was a unique collaboration between the universities of East Anglia and Essex, and a range of other partners, to establish a higher institution in Suffolk. Until today Suffolk was one of just four counties in England that did not have its own independent university.