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University adopts ‘Tendring Torpedo’

1 Aug 2017 11:30AM

The University of Suffolk’s Science and Technology Department have proudly accepted the Shell Eco-Marathon participant the ‘Tendring Torpedo’.

The vehicle was built and gifted to the University by Design and Technology teacher Simon Clapson. He was assisted for the build by Technician Allan Linford and Design and Technology pupils at Tendring Technology College in Essex.

Originally built in 1996, the vehicle competed in the Shell Mileage Marathon, winning several categories between 1996–2001, when it was rebuilt with a new engine and modified chassis and shell to accommodate a new driver, 30cm taller than the original twelve-year-old pilot.

More recently, the Torpedo competed against more than 100 teams from schools, colleges and universities from across the EU in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe, staged at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam. With the youngest team in the competition aged 13–14, the Torpedo was placed tenth in the Prototype Petrol (gasoline) class; with a best attempt of 1,029 km/l making it the best placed British vehicle and 16th in the world.

Adopted by the University of Suffolk, the Torpedo will offer opportunities for innovative teaching and learning in the Department of Science and Technology.

Eddie Duggan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Science and Technology  said  “The Torpedo will provide staff and students with exciting opportunities to use maths and programming in real-world applications. For example, capturing data from the car to plot a graph showing speed and time in order to calculate the optimum points to accelerate so as to minimize fuel consumption. Future projects to enhance the car’s performance could include designing and building, perhaps even 3D-printing, a mould for a new body shell to further reduce weight and drag.”

The Tendring Torepdo is on display in the foyer of the Waterfront Building where it can be viewed throughout the month of August.


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