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Suffolk hosts Storytelling Conference with an international audience

11 Jul 2018 10:30AM

The University of Suffolk has held the first conference exploring the diverse nature of storytelling.

The two-day Storytelling Conference attracted delegates from across the world including a large contingency from Canada and as far as Australia.

The Conference was organised by the School of Psychology and Education and Suffolk Business School. It follows last year’s Children and Childhoods Conference, which attracted delegates from over twenty countries.

Senior Lecturer Dr Sarah Richards was one of the organisers. She said of the conference, “Our aspiration for this conference was to immerse ourselves and our delegates in the diversity of storytelling and to embrace its application across disparate academic disciplines. The presentations, posters and installations that we have experienced at the conference have allowed this aspiration to be realised and we are grateful to all who came and shared their stories.”

The conference will bring together academics, researchers and students, to theoretically and empirically engage with the nature and applications of storytelling.

Professor Yiannis Gabriel from the University of Bath gave the keynote on the first day entitled ‘Narrative Ecologies in Post-Truthful Times.’

He said of the conference “I addressed the delegates by talking about two different types of stories; nostalgic stories and conspiracy theories and I examined how these kinds are part of different narrative ecologies and how easily they become embedded in populist and nationalist ideologies.”

“This is a tremendous conference, very good participants and it opens up lots of possibilities for further research. I am very pleased to be part of it.”

The conference will continue tomorrow (11 July) and will begin with a keynote address by Professor Ken Plummer of the University of Essex who will address delegates with ‘Six Stories in Search of a Better World: On Narrative Power’.

Professor Plummer said of the conference “There are all sorts of people, from all walks of life thinking about stories here. It has all been very interesting. I think it’s wonderful a whole conference has been devoted to storytelling. It’s coming into academia in its own right with a whole range of different disciplines, different topics involving different countries. It’s very nice to be involved.”

Delegates will also hear from academics from Hong Kong, Germany and Canada.


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