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Students prepare for Asian Adventure

1 Feb 2017 9:30AM

A group of students from the University of Suffolk will be saying ‘konnichiwa’ to Japan as they travel to the country for a five-day study trip.

The adult and child nursing students will be attending Keio University, linking with students from Korea and China.

Senior Lecturer at the University of Suffolk, Heather Passmore, will be accompanying the students. She said “We’ve had a relationship with Keio University for the last 15 years. They’ve been coming to the UK and their students have been benefitting from learning about our health care system. This is the first time we have travelled with students to them. It is a pilot study but if successful we hope to offer this opportunity every year.”

The three students attending will experience theory and nursing practice in Japan which differs to how students here in the UK learn, for example students at the University of Suffolk go out on placement after 10 weeks of academic learning whereas in Japan it isn’t until after 20 months.

Tom Acker, 23 from Bury St Edmunds, said “There will be a mix of lectures and practical experiences. We’ll have an observational day, a day in the hospital and community visits. I wanted to go to experience a new culture and how nursing differs between different countries.”

Becky Parfitt, 27 from Ipswich, said “I am really excited, it is completely different. I am excited to experience a different culture and to meet new people. They have a completely different healthcare system to us; they have to have insurance for example so I’m keen to see how it works especially as there is a big thing over here about moving towards a privatised healthcare. My end goal is to be a community nurse so I’d like to see that aspect, over here there is a lot of home care to look after the elderly whereas over there, there is an emphasis on family care for the elderly.”

Beth Archer, 21 from Stowmarket, said “We’ve spoken about the Japanese culture and how their approach to nursing differs because of that so I’m looking forward to going and experiencing it for myself.”

Rika Fujika, the tour organiser in Japan looks forward to welcoming 10 students from Korea, 3 from China and 3 from Suffolk who will be ‘buddied’ with 16 Japanese students.

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