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Students head to Italy for study experience

15 Jun 2017 4:15PM

Two final year students from BSc (Hons) Bioscience at the University of Suffolk will be doing their dissertation research project in Italy.

Sara Kline, 24 from Brandon and Jamerson Krelle-Hammond, 23 from Ipswich are taking part in the Erasmus+, a EU-funded exchange programme, which will see them completing their studies aboard at the University of Palermo for three months.

Erasmus+, is a scheme in place since the late 1980’s and offers the chance for students from EU and neighbouring countries to study part of their course aboard. Academic staff facilitate the programme of study and the students are required to source accommodation and other aspects of their trip, thanks to the support of a bursary paid under the scheme. Students from the University of Palermo will be coming to the University of Suffolk early next year.

Sara Kline said “The Erasmus exchange presents many opportunities: it’s about the science but also the language, lifestyle and culture.  There are so many benefits.”

Dr Federica Masieri, Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for MSc Regenerative Medicine, who started the programme at the Department of Science and Technology, said “The exchange diversifies our offer to students, especially for dissertation projects in the area of microbiology and ecology. By linking up with universities like the one in Palermo, we are exposing our students to another level of expertise and offering added value.  I am looking forward to visiting them during their stay to check how they are getting on and to discuss with the academic team in Palermo the plans for the exchange to the UK early next year.”

Prof Claudio Luparello, STEBICEF Department Erasmus coordinator at the University of Palermo commented “I have seen many generations of students achieving beautiful results under this scheme: they truly represent the best face of Europe. We look forward to continue our exchange with the University of Suffolk, Department of Science and Technology, despite the uncertainty that lies ahead, about funding availability for this scheme after Brexit.”

Jamerson Krelle- Hammond says “The exchange allows me to hone those ‘soft skills’ that will benefit me in future employment. It’s a chance to live independently and is a great opportunity. Being a student at another university, even if for just 3 months, I believe will be a very different, but exciting experience.”

Sara adds “Because we will be completing our dissertations while in Italy I am seeing this as a workplace-based piece of work. This will conclude what has been a fulfilling journey, choosing to study Bioscience at the University of Suffolk: here I was able to access impressive laboratory facilities, and develop myself as an employment-ready professional. ”

Jamerson explains his motivation “The decision of studying science stems from my fascination with the human body; there is nothing more interesting than ourselves. I’m at university as I want to learn rather than focusing on the career options at the end of uni. For me it’s all about learning and understanding. However, at the moment, I am considering a career in pharmaceuticals.”

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