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Students gain employment at local start-up

25 Jan 2017 4:00PM

Three University of Suffolk students have been successful in gaining employment at local Ipswich transport start-up Conga Ltd.

The Computer Games Design and Computer Games Programming students will be working on Conga’s digital products and ecosystem in anticipation of a soft launch of Conga’s service.

Matthew Allum and Dalton Kirk, final year students on the Computer Games Design course and Daniel Jamieson, a second year student on the Computer Games Programming course will work part-time to allow time for their studies. They will be joining John Dorman, another second year Computer Games Programming student and Chris Filip, a 2014 Computer Games Design graduate.

Graham Kill, Conga’s CEO, said “Our relationship with, and proximity to, the various departments of the University of Suffolk is key to access great local talent. Matt, Dalton and Daniel are our latest recruits, who together with John and Chris all go to prove our local university is nurturing valuable, high-skilled graduates and students.”

Conga uses data from open and private sources, together with its data science and data visualisation expertise, to determine the most attractive interurban routes in Britain to run its service on. Conga is currently developing the software and principles that will allow its service to connect key locations throughout Britain. The service is based on high quality, smaller vehicles (12-20 seats) to ensure Conga can provide a smooth and comfortable ride (with Internet connectivity). Vehicles will be driven by drivers that behave like personal chauffeurs. When all the elements are brought together and the service is high frequency enough it will disrupt existing services.

Peter Miller, Conga’s CTO, sees this as a strategic opportunity: “Chris and John have proved extremely valuable for Conga, and I can’t wait to see how Dalton, Matthew and Daniel’s technical skills will grow over the next few months. Conga offers the team solid technical and business experiences that contributes to their studies - it’s a real partnership and I am sure the money is appreciated too!”

Richard Lister, Vice-Chancellor of University of Suffolk said, “We focus on preparing graduates with the skills, critical knowledge and confidence to succeed in the contemporary employment market. The 5 students and a graduate from University of Suffolk at Conga are a great example of the mutually beneficial partnerships we are creating with business.”

Conga, an Ipswich-based inter-urban transport start-up has recently offered jobs for 3 University of Suffolk students and is always looking out for bright and enthusiastic technical and business students to potentially join the team. Graham and Peter are committed to hiring and buying (services) locally to support efforts to develop a technology ecosystem in the East.



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