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A statement from the Vice-Chancellor

5 Jun 2020 10:15AM

Like the majority of our community of staff and students at the University of Suffolk, I am deeply saddened and disturbed by the recent events in America.

The death of George Floyd is another example of an event that causes all of us, but in particular the black members of our community, to feel outrage, anger and anxiety.

The University of Suffolk was founded on the strong foundations committed to equality and diversity, to a culture of inclusion and the power of diversity.

Discrimination has no place in our university and respect and kindness are fundamental values that we live by.  

We want to empower our community to speak out against racism and other discriminatory acts, to promote understanding and education so that we can be part of a world that is stronger, kinder and allows opportunities for all.

Let us recognise we are better together and be united in bringing about transformational change, within our own organisation and others; as well as playing a leading role within our society to highlight and correct injustice in all its forms.

Professor Helen Langton


University of Suffolk Press Office
T: 01473 338476