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Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran receives Honorary Doctorate

19 Oct 2015 9:00PM

Ed Sheeran attended University Campus Suffolk's graduation ceremony for the Department of Arts and Humanities this evening to receive an honorary doctorate.

The singer songwriter from Framlingham addressed the graduating students in saying Im not really the poster boy for education and I dont know if I can give any advice on that side of things. The only advice I can give is that I never expected to be where I am, I just chose something I loved and worked hard at it and it and basically didnt really listen to anyone that told me I couldnt do something. The only advice I could give to anyone graduating today, theres a very wide range of people, ages and from different place, is that there is no key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone else so try to please yourself and make yourself happy. Choose something you love and work really hard and youll be surprised at how far you get because as I said I didnt expect to be here, my dreams, I achieved my dream about 5 years ago so this is all a bit odd. Thank you for letting me share in such an important day for you and congratulations.

Honorary Degrees and Honorary Fellowships recognise notable contributions to the educational or cultural well-being of society. This can be in business, industry, commerce or enterprise, for academic distinction, for public or community service or an exceptional involvement in UCS.

As a community-impact higher education institution, UCS strives to recognise recipients contribution to Suffolk, their connection with the region, or both.

Those awarded Honorary Fellowships or Degrees become members of the UCS Alumni Association in they hope they continue to be supportive to UCS, its staff, students and alumni for many years after the formalities of the graduation ceremonies.

Richard Lister, Provost and Chief Executive of University Campus Suffolk, said: We are delighted to be able to welcome such a distinguished group of individuals as Honorary Graduates and Fellows of UCS. The range of backgrounds and professions that are represented and the quality of those accepting the award will enhance both the Graduation Ceremonies themselves and the life of the university in the future.

Full profiles for those to be honoured can be found here