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Reception Held For International Students

15 Dec 2022 5:00PM

New international students awarded scholarships to study at the University of Suffolk have been officially welcomed at a special campus reception.

The students, who are studying a wide range of subjects from screenwriting to data science and artificial intelligence gathered together for a welcome by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Langton.

Professor Langton told guests that international students are “really important” to the University of Suffolk.

Speaking directly to the new students, she said: “It is really important to have an eclectic mix of students.

“You are an important part of what makes the University of Suffolk the vibrant place that it is, and you will be taking the education you are benefitting from here out into the world.”

Chris Garrett, Head of International Student Recruitment said the reception celebrated the start of the students’ journey with the University of Suffolk.

“It was an occasion to celebrate their scholarship and bring students together from across the University.

“The event was a huge success and gave students the opportunity to network with fellow international students and University staff.”

Twenty-Five-year-old Angela Odii from Nigeria spoke at the reception on behalf of all students, expressing thanks for the opportunities given to study at the University of Suffolk and encouraging everyone to get to know each other.

“I keep pinching myself to make sure this is true – that I am actually here,” said Angela who is a qualified pharmacist now studying for a MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

“The University and its staff are very supportive, and Ipswich is full of friendly people.

“We receive a lot of support in our study and general university life.

“This is a university very interested in you as a person. Every day you feel like you are wanted.”

Emma Carrion Moschen (18) who is originally from Spain is studying BA (Hons) Screenwriting and said she has found Ipswich easy to settle into.

“Ipswich offers something for everyone. Being away from your support system can be very difficult but if anyone is feeling homesick don’t be afraid to meet new people.”

Amit Saurabh (39), originally from India, who now works locally for BT Openreach and is studying for the Suffolk Executive MBA, said the reception was a good way to network with fellow students and staff.

Offering advice to future international students, he said: “The University of Suffolk is going to be your home away from home and provide you with a personalised learning experience.”

Information about scholarship schemes for international students planning to join the University of Suffolk in the 2023/24 academic year is now available on our website – see International Scholarships



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