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Ramadan Mubarak

23 Mar 2023 11:30AM

We at the University of Suffolk would like to wish our Muslim staff, students and alumni that are celebrating Ramadan a blessed Ramadan and Eid Mubarak. 

Ramadan 2023 started yesterday evening of March 22, as Muslims in the UK and around the world observe their holy month. 

This is a time of worship, fasting, prayer, charity, community spirit and spiritual development.

During the month, practicing Muslims refrain from eating and drinking anything from dawn until sunset.  They will have a pre-fasting breakfast before the sun is up, and a post-fasting dinner at night time.

Students and staff usually take individual responsibility for managing their commitment to Ramadan (this may vary due to health and other personal circumstances). Managers, colleagues and staff supporting students are advised to demonstrate empathy, sensitivity and understanding in enabling students and staff to manage their Ramadan commitment.

For non-muslims, there are plenty of ways you can support friends, family and co-workers who are practising fasting for Ramadan and you can tell your friends and colleagues “Ramadan Mubarak” which translates to Happy Ramadan. Telling someone Ramadan Mubarak or Happy Ramadan is a friendly way to extend those good feelings to others.

We at the University of Suffolk express our appreciation to our Muslim students and staff for the dedication to their faith and their work.

Ramadan Mubarak

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