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Portuguese interns collaborate at the University of Suffolk

25 May 2018 10:00AM

The University of Suffolk has welcomed four interns from Portugal thanks to a collaboration with the Portuguese Government.

The interns, who will be supporting the University in several areas, will be in Suffolk for the next six months.

Francisca Sardinha who is 24 years old and studied Business Communication in Porto, Portugal is working as a Marketing Consultant in the School of Sciences and Technology Engineering.

Francisca said “Since starting my internship at Suffolk I have been managing the School’s social media accounts and I have been developing marketing strategies alongside the University’s Marketing and Communications department. There are four main areas of the School; Life Sciences, Network Engineering, Computer Games Design and Sports Science so it is a very interesting area to work in. My background is in business communication so I would like to develop my skills in marketing and brand management.”

Francisca has been joined from Portugal by Anita Leite, Cátia Caratão and Ricardo Serafim.

Anita is 25 years old and she has a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Coimbra and a Postgraduate degree in Marine Sciences - from the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS) in Porto, Portugal.

Anita is passionate about nature and likes to be aware and participate in environmental causes. Anita is developing two different studies regarding energy efficiency at the University. The first is in collaboration with Ipswich Borough Council related with smart city projects. The other is among the directorate about the bitcoin energy demand. At the end of the internship, Anita would like to work in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

Cátia is 24 years old and has a Master degree in Medical Chemistry from the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Catia said, “I am fascinated by the possibility of using chemistry and drug development to treat or improve existing treatments for some current diseases. The combination of analytical techniques and organic chemistry with physiology and biomedicine is an area I would like to work in.  At the University of Suffolk, I have been using equipment to identify biochemical, organic and inorganic compounds found in complex samples of environmental and biological origin. I will be developing the use of this to aid future users.”

Ricardo is 26 years old and has a degree in Biology at University of Lisbon.  He said, “It is my view that each plant and animal has its own place in our ecosystem. I would like to teach younger and the older people the importance of taking care of our planet.”

Ricardo is working with the University and local conservation groups like Suffolk Wildlife Trust ahead of the new degree, BSc (Hons) Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science, which starts in September.

Ricardo has contributed to projects concerned with the population density of small mammals like the hazelnut dormouse, water voles and hedgehogs, whose numbers have been declining. At the end of the internship, he aims to continue to work in environmental education.

Cátia Marques who is the coordinator of the four interns and the person responsible to link the University of Suffolk to the programme of the Portuguese government said “I am very pleased that we have once again been successful in our applications to INOV Contacto Programme. As previously, we were provided with an outstanding group of Portuguese Young Qualified Professionals, very talented, creative and enthusiastic, successfully contributing to a range of projects in our School as well as across the University. As interns Anita, Cátia, Francisca and Ricardo are being given the chance to sharpen their skills and experience abroad as well as benefiting University of Suffolk by raising its profile internationally. It is with great contentment that we have them as part of our team and wish them an extremely successful future.”

Mohamed Abdel-Maguid, Dean of the School of Science, Technology and Engineering said, “I am delighted that Anita, Cátia, Francisca and Ricardo choose to join the University of Suffolk for their internship. They have fitted in from the first day and started working with the School team on a wide range of projects. I am personally impressed with their calibre and commitment and I hope and trust their time with us will help them progress their career further. We welcome future collaborations with such talented graduates.”


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