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Nursing students prepare to say ‘konnichiwa’ to Japan

25 Jan 2018 11:45AM

A group of undergraduate students from the University of Suffolk are preparing for a five-day study trip to Japan.

The first year BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing students will be attending Keio University, linking with students from Korea, China and America.

Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Paul Driscoll-Evans, said ‘We are thrilled to support our students in undertaking this study tour for a second year.  It is a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about the provision of healthcare in other countries and cultures.  It will enhance their practice when they qualify as nurses!’

The three students will experience theory and nursing practice in Japan which differs from how students here in the UK learn. For example, students at the University of Suffolk go on placement after 10 weeks of academic learning whereas in Japan their first placement  isn’t until after 20 months of university-based learning.

Victoria Raffell said “With a more global economy, and the increasing pressures on healthcare systems, we need to look at learning about different ways of healthcare delivery. I am aware that in West Suffolk they are currently piloting the Buurtzorg model of care which translates as neighbourhood care. It’s a Dutch model of community care provision and rather than a hierarchy of nurses and administrators delivering care it’s a more  flat structure where the nurses provide the personal care as well as seeing to the clinical needs. When I am in Japan I will be able to see what models of care they use, as they also have a nursing shortage I am interested in seeing what technologies they are utilising. We will be joined by nurses from California where they have a completely different private healthcare model, so I am looking forward to understanding a bit more about that too and learning about the challenges they face there.”

Charlotte Wyard said “I saw the email inviting applications to go on the trip and I was really pleased I have got the chance to go. I want to get a better understanding of how healthcare works in other countries and to meet the other students.” 

Zoe Bernard added “I’m really excited as I have wanted to visit Japan ever since I was little, so it is a dream come true to have the opportunity. I’m interested to find out more about the technology they use and seeing things from a different culture.”

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