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MA Arts Practice Degree Show Exhibition

17 Aug 2016 10:00AM

The 2016 MA Arts Practice Degree Show Exhibition showcases a selection of work from this year’s graduating MA Arts Practice students: Lloyd Evans; Lewis Garrard, Stephen Neale Johnson; Mark Aaron Seaman; Joanne Versluys; Ben Wardle; Alexander Woolcock, Kelly Will  and Jeremy Young.

This will be the first postgraduate degree show for the new University of Suffolk and presents a diverse selection of work that includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, photography and digital media. The exhibition marks the culmination of a rich and challenging creative journey of postgraduate study that each individual student has undertaken at the university.

Dr Jane Watt, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and the current MA Arts Practice Course Leader says:

“The exhibition of work reflects the ethos of the MA Arts Practice course, it is not about creating uniformity, rather, it highlights a richly cadenced collection of work that allows unique moments for the viewer to go up close, step back, interact and question. All of the works that the students show here present a unique lens in which we can we look again at our view, and experience, of the world.”

“One of the joys of teaching students on both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees is to see how each student’s work and thinking develops throughout their studies. The current graduating cohort of MA Arts Practice students brought a wealth of professional experience and skills with them when they started the course, literally from A to Z: from art and design to zoology. I have been impressed how each student has not been afraid to make work that moves beyond their existing knowledge and understanding. They have all embraced working with different media and subject matter and have reflected on this at length in their studio, peer-to-peer discussions, tutorials, and public exhibitions as part of the course.”

“This public exhibition of a small selection of their work is the very tip of a large body of work they have developed throughout their time with us and I hope it will also act as the jumping off point for the rest of their careers.”

Artist and student Mark Aaron Seaman says “During my MA study, I've been exploring our cultural and personal relationship to the digital. How does the way we now use and access digital information change how we think and feel about ourselves and the wider world? My current practice is to develop an aesthetic response to that question.”

“I've been using data that we knowingly or unknowingly share with others and that is then shared again beyond our control. For example, information that is stored about us on social media sites that is then used to alter our search engine results, location data broadcast by our phones which alters recommendations about people you may know or products to buy or shows to watch. I'm then feeding that data into 3D visualising software to create large complex digital portraits or Machine Drawings. My research has taken in everything from the development of digital art, how other artists have responded to similar questions about the use of digital information, to how Google Analytics tools are being used to predict behaviour.”


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