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International Women's Day Event Hosted at the University of Suffolk

15 Mar 2023 11:30AM

The University of Suffolk welcomed over 150 people to mark International Women’s Day 2023 on 8th March.

The theme for IWD 2023 was #EmbraceEquity and centred around bringing positive change for women everywhere and thinking about how being an ‘Equal Opportunities’ employer is no longer enough.

Emma Wakeling, Head of Business Development And Knowledge Exchange at University of Suffolk said: “Having a day to celebrate women, with a theme and with a positive call to action is one of the most powerful things we can do.

“It really starts conversations and from there the momentum for change can begin.”

The event was a collaboration between Suffolk Chamber of Commerce (SCC), The Epicentre, Haverhill and University of Suffolk and close partners Suffolk New College were also engaged to provide the catering.

Ami Birrell-Delves from SCC said: “We were delighted to partner with the University for a second year on what has already evolved to be a powerful event to inspire, raise awareness and evoke confidence in women in business.

“This year’s International Woman’s Day theme is embrace equity, meaning creating a fair and equal world, something we are proud to advocate in the business community.”

Andrew Bell from the Epicentre said: “Events such as the Embrace Equity one are so important as they give voice to those who feel unheard and in turn strength to those that it is normal and right to be themselves, we are all equal, we should be equal, and we need to keep going until we recognise equity as the normal.”

University of Suffolk Chancellor, Professor Helen Pankhurst recorded a special video message for attendees.

This was followed by five inspirational speakers from very different backgrounds but who are all thriving in their chosen field: Sophie Alexander-Parker from Ipswich Central Business Improvement District, Dr Liliana Antunes from ExpressionEdits, Jenny Butler from  Cory Brothers Shipping Agency, Craig Jones MBE from Fighting with Pride and Christie Raptaki from Roadfill Limited.

The event was sponsored by the In Career Education and Training Project which provides high level training in Digital and Leadership and Management skills 50% funded through the European Social Fund.

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