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Games Design Students Win Award at National Competition

23 May 2022 2:15PM

Two final-year Games Design students at the University of Suffolk have won the Gameplay Award at the National Student Esports Games Innovation Challenge 2022.

Competing against universities from across the country, Hannah Bull and Dan Wiltshire won the prize with their game Kingdom Run VR - an endless, action-adventure runner, where players must navigate ancient ruins and tombs, while avoiding traps, eliminating enemies, and collecting gems along the way.

The judges remarked on its easy to grasp concept and high entertainment value.

The pair began working on the game in January this year as part of their final-year project, developing the game over the course of just ten weeks,  including three designer-created story levels and an endless mode.

Commenting on the development process, Dan said: “I led the project, mainly creating a lot of the design features and I then implemented them through programming to get the user experience just right.

”I’m so proud of the project receiving high praise as I still remember when it was a bunch of cubes just flying at you!”

Hannah added: “I worked on all the assets and models you see within the game; my favourite part is the explorer’s office in the main menu.

“I especially loved working on the models for this environment and seeing something I personally made in VR still amazes me every time.”

When the results were announced, both Hannah and Dan were at a game exhibition, and were thrilled to hear the result.

“We saw the results on Discord and had to step outside when we found out as we were quite excited,” said Dan.

“It was a great feeling receiving recognition for something we had made ourselves. We loved the whole process of making Kingdom Run, but receiving an award really was the cherry on top.”

When asked about what lies ahead for the game, Dan commented: “We plan to continue working on Kingdom Run over the summer, creating finalised story levels, polishing endless mode, and adding extra themes and weapons to add variety to the game.

“We are currently waiting to hear back from Tranzfuser to help with further funding for the development of the game, and if all goes well, we hope to have an official version of the game ready for release in late Autumn/early Winter of 2022.”

Click here to Play Kingdom Run VR.



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